Jonathan Banks is an American actor, born January 31, 1947 in Washington, D.C. He is best known for the role of Frank McPike in the television series Wiseguy and for that of Mike Ehrmantraut in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. In the movies, he participated in the movies: Airplane, 48 hours, Beverly Hills Cop, Gremlins, Under Siege 2: Dark Territory and Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles. He also made several appearances in the series: Alias, Emergencies, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Dexter, Castle, Without a Trace and Cold Case.

Jonathan Banks was born in Washington D.C. His mother, Elena, worked for the CIA and was also a professor at Indiana States University. He is studying at Indiana University Bloomington where he is a classmate of Kevin Kline. The two participated in the production of The Threepenny Opera.
Age : old.
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