Parminder Kaur Nagra is a British actress of Indian origins. She was born on 5 October 1975. She gained international recognition in 2002 after her role in Bend it Like Beckham. She plays the role of Dr.Neela Rasgotra in the ER series which allows her to win the Emmy Award for the best American medical series. She played this role for 6 years until the end of the series, on April 2, 2009.
Parminder Nagra
October 5, 1975
height : 1,58 m
Age: old

Parminder Nagra was born in Leicester, England to Punjabi, Jats, and Sikhs parents, who emigrated from Punjab to India, and settled in England in the late 1960s. Her father, Sukha, was a worker who divorced Parminder’s mother, Nashuter, when Parminder Nagra was a child or just before or just after her birth. Her father died at the end of December 2008. Parminder has two younger brothers and one older sister. They were raised in a small terraced house in the Belgrave district of Leicester by her mother and stepfather, who worked as an accountant in a cousin’s transport company
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